BMW S55 F87 LCI M2 CS Chargecooler Aluminium Cover

BMW S55 F87 LCI M2 CS Chargecooler Aluminium Cover

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Chargecooler aluminium cover for the F87 LCI BMW M2 CS with the S55 engine. 

Logo "///M2 CS" in the horizontal orientation.

BMW spent time and effort adding a spectacular carbon fibre strut brace to the engine bay of S55-equipped BMWs, while others have added to its look with purposeful intakes and engine covers. However, short of upgrading the chargecooler itself (unnecessary in the majority of situations), few products address its utilitarian look. 

This chargecooler cover addresses that issue, in a cost-effective but also resilient design, which also transforms the look of everyone’s favourite dull-grey brick.



  • Manufactured from 2mm high grade aluminium with excellent corrosion resistance
  • Lasercut design for consistent intricate and accurate shapes
  • Ultra-matt black powdercoated finish for durable and attractive look.
  • Easy, but secure fitment with 3M VHB double sided tape.
  • Endless possibilities for personal customisation through vinyl logos / custom paint or carbon coating / laser-etching



Will this reduce the effectiveness of the chargecooler?
Due to terms used, the chargecooler can often be mistaken for a top-mounted intercooler. It does not rely cool-air flow, instead the cooling is done by water-flow through the chargecooler. The cover would have no effect on this system.

Will the cover become detached?
The 3M tape is designed to withstand harsh heat, and the chargecooler does not, by way of design, reach high temperatures externally. The shape of the cover and the engine bay in general would prevent the cover finding its way into potentially damaging areas should an accident occur (eg forgetting to remove the tapes covering) before it could be rectified.



BMW M Series F87 LCI M2 CS S55 (2021+)




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MLP121 (Horizontal)